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The ultimate flying machine

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Flysurfer Speed3

Never a kite was state-of-the art for two years in light wind performance and hang time. The harder to top this mile stone.
After a 12 month development period, the introduction of a new construction software, countless overtime, more then three times of testing efforts around the globe and the enlargement of the development team around Andreas Hanrieder, FLYSERVER managed it to raise the bar of high performance kites with SPEED3 very much higher again.

Also, as common at FLYSERVER, many details have been optimized.

Flight properties and safety

No matter if old school, big air or light wind cruising - SPEED3 sets new standards redefines performance and fun at every wind circumstances.

SPEED3 still characterizes by a legendary and unmatched light wind performance. The bar pathes are straight, smooth-running and precise like at no other kite of this range. The hang time and the soft landings are looking for their peers. It has never been that easy to learn new tricks and to stand independent of the wind strength. Thanks to the further refined triple depower system, the wind range is simply incredible and gives additional security.

The blow out function was completely re-designed to cover a wider wind range. The arrow shaped leading edge supports an outstanding blow out of the SPEED3 at the FLS safety with only 4 leashes and gives a good resistance power.


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