Kite NAISH PARK 2011


Kite NAISH PARK 2011

Select Št. art: 1210
3-Strut-Concept - Freeride made simple

PMPC 799,00 €

Majhna zaloga - naroči hitro! Čas dostave: 3 - 5 tedni

Naish Park 2011 - Kite only

Design aim:  Riders looking for an easy, no-frills performance.
As an "all-inclusive package", the Park is a focussed on performance kite.

The design of the Part with its three struts is stable and responsive. This configuration, in combination with its distinctive profile and the full outline, gives the Park the constant tension of a c-kite and the power and control of a swept kite.
The curved front tube positions the wing tips behind the center of the kite which improves the relaunch and maximizes the depower.

The "one-for-all" characteristics of the Park opens the rider a wide range of application. It is the perfect tool no matter if you concentrate on the handle pass rotation, rip the wave lips or simple want to extend the free ride time at the water.

The Park is compatible to the LWR system (light wind relaunch).

Product attributes:
  • Three strut kite, super light weight
    perfect for light wind use and unbelievable playful handling
  • swept compact c-c-outline
    combined for high and quick turns and free style power
    curved wing tips for better depower and simplified water launch
  • solid frame
    more stability by securing each strut with heavy duty Dacron on the canopy
  • optional light wind relaunch (LWR)
    with fifth LWR leash for water launch at nearly no wind
  • Octopus one pump system
    with new one way inflation valve for easier inflation
  • direct access to the struts via the zipper for easy bladder exchange
  • 4 leaches (20m)
  • Kite
  • Bag
  • Repair kit
  • International warranty
  • Instruction manual

Reference note: If you are interested you can purchase this product at

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